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What is GEAK?

GEAK is the official building energy certificate issued by cantons. On the one hand, it shows how energy-efficient a building envelope is and, on the other how much energy a building needs on standard use. This applies to existing buildings as well as to new projects. The determined energy requirement is indicated in classes from A to G (from very energy efficient to low energy efficiency) by means of an energy label. This gives you, as a property owner, an objective assessment of the energy condition and the efficiency of your building. 



  • GEAK provides information on the current energeetic state of a property aas well as the energetic improvement potential of the building envelope and the building technology. It is an ideal tool for planning renovation measures for buildings.
  • A GEAK expert can recognize weaknesses in the building during a site visit. These are recorded in a report and help the homeowner to avoid inefficient renovation measures. An investment budget, tailored to individual needs and possibilities, enables the measures to be planned step by step in order to reduce fututre energy costs and increase the level of living comfort.
  • GEAK offers transparency to the property owner when a sale or rental decision hasto be made concerning the expected energy costs and the thermal living comfort.
  • GEAK is standardized throughout Switzerland. All GEAK-certified buildings can be compared at a glance.
  • GEAK can also be used to compare the planning values of construction projects with the effective future energy consumption.

GEAK reflects the energy consumption of residential buildings (single- and multi-family houses), administrative buildings and school buildings.



We are your GEAK expert

Do you want to renovate or rebuild your house? Then have your property analysed by our experts. You also benefit from a subsidy of the Canton of Berne for the GEAK assessment as well as for possible subsequent changes.

Subsidies for your property assessment

Subsidies for your property assessment

GEAK Plus (building energy certificate of the cantons) offers the following subsidies:

Double and single family house SHF 1'000.00

Multiple unit residential building SHF 1'500.00

Administrative building SHF 1'500.00

School building DHF 1'500.00

Owners of properties built before 2012 are eligible for this subsidy.



Renovation of residential buildings by GEAK classes

Subsidies for skipping the efficiency classes:

2 efficiency classes (G-E) SHF 80.-/mEBF 

3 efficiency classes (G-D) SHF 110.-/m2 EBF

4 efficiency classes (G-C) SHF 130.-/m2 EBF

5 efficiency classes (G-B) SHF 150.-/m2 EBF

6 efficiency classes (G-A) SHF 160.-/m2 EBF

Replacement of electric heating and oil heating

The canton of Berne also grants subsidies for the replacement of electric heating and oil heating, for example by wood heating, heat pumps, and heatings systems based on a renewable source of energy. These can be found in the PDF guide GEAK.



Subsidies program of the canton of Berne

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More information about Conversion

We offer the following services 


  • Building management
  • Project studies and designs
  • Building application plans
  • Cost estimates
  • Tenders
  • Implementation planning
  • Selection procedure
  • Construction management
  • Construction documentation
  • Interior design and accommodation advice


Existing property construction 

What happens to existing buildings? A careful rebuilding or restoration is a meaningful and sustainable investment in the future. Existing property construction refers to an energy-efficient reconstruction, a renovation, a repair or a restoration.

We have the experience in building management, planning and execution. Your construction project is in safe hands with us. 

We plan the renovation and restoration according to your personal requirements, in terms of comfort, insulation, technical and sanitary facilities as well as floor plan and usage changes. We support you as your representatives to the various authorities and associations. When it comes to execution, coordination, scheduling, and cost control, we have everything that is needed to successfully deliver your project. 


We are active in the following construction sectors


  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family houses
  • Office buildings
  • Seminar and multi-purpose buildings
  • Catering and hotel buildings


Jobs for the region

We give all manner of contract work to companies in Grindelwald and the Jungfrau region. Therefore your building project also has a valuable economic significance for Grindelwald and the Bernese Oberland. 

Topography and terrain

From a topography perspective, more than 95% of all chalets in Grindelwald are built on slopes, so the evaluation and adaptation of the foundation soil plays an important role. In order to meet the stringent requirements, we have been relying on our competent local engineers and geologists over many years. 


"A careful reconstruction is a sustainable investment in the most valuable regions of Switzerland." What happens to existing homes? 


To make a building "fit" is a meaningful and sustainable investment in the future. Thanks to our experience in building management, your remodelling project is in safe hands with us: 


  • Planning of renovations and additions in the interior and exterior
  • Implementation coordination 
  • Scheduling and cost monitoring



To change an existing building or to adapt it to present or future requirements, maintaining the value of a building or increasing its value –we refer to all of this as remodelling or renovation. The differences before and after renovation can be seen here …

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