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Drawing up technical specification drawings of your building / property

Save time and money by having up-to-date technical specification drawings of your building / property

Existing properties often have out-dated technical specification drawings (floor plans) or no documents at all.  Therefore, in order to be able to make any new renovations or changes to a property, having up-to-date drawings and documents to hand, will ensure a well-executed project, saving both time and money.

We can do this work for you! We are able to digitize old and existing plans (paper plans are transferred to a CAD program) and thus make them a lasting record for generations to come.  Or, if there are no plans, we can undertake to draw-up new plans, taking the appropriate measurements directly on site and transferring the data to a CAD program.


Our expertise

  • Digitizing of existing printed plans
  • Large format copies and scans
  • 2D on-site measurements in order to create digital plans
  • Create floor plans and sectional views from existing paper plans
  • Facade recordings
  • Topographic mapping with a tachymeter (increased accuracy)
  • Photo documentation
  • Drone images of your property
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