In what condition is your property? What can be improved?

Is your property getting on in years? Would you like to know how to optimize the energy, construction and costs of your property? We have the tools for building analysis such as

  • Analysis with the thermal imaging camera
  • Analysis of energetic actual situation, measures and recommendations on thermal insulation, heating systems etc.
  • GEAK building pass of the cantons
  • Check of the building fabric
  • Support in the clarification and application for sumsidies
  • Form and plan submission to authorities



erneuerbarheizen is a program supported by the federal government. The basic goal is to switch from fossil fuels such as oil and gas to renewable energies. These can be: Wood, sun, terrestrial heat, long-distance heating or even air in the form of an air heat pump.

The consultation takes place by our employee directly on site. Data of the existing heating system is recorded and the possibilities of a system change are analyzed. Afterwards you will receive the so-called "Checklist impulse consultation". In this checklist you will find information about the existing heating system (assessment, hints, possible immediate measures, energy index) as well as information about possible heat generators (recommended procedure, heating system, additional measures for system change).

The current subsidy amount from the Canton of Berne is CHF 350,-. Please contact us for a non-binding offer. Depending on the location of the system, we can at best offer you the consultation free of charge.

erneuerbarheizen is competitive - we energy consultants will show you.


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