What do you know about your property?

Often there are only outdated or no plans of an existing property. In order to be able to implement future building projects or any repairs and renovations at a reasonable price, it is advantageous to have all the necessary basic information at hand. We can provide you with this expertise and preliminary clarifications:

  • Digitisation of existing print plan bases or existing plans 
  • Large-format copies and scans
  • 2D/3D building recordings oN-site to create digital recording plans
  • facade photos
  • Tachymeter or 3D scanner terrain surveys
  • Foto documentation of your property
  • drone pictures / aerial photographs of your property


As a basis for all steps taken in conctruction there are fundamental plans (floor plans, facades, cuts, detailed plans etc.) Often these important documents are not or not completly available. Therefore there is no choice as to complete the missing basics or produce completly new plans at the location. 

In the past, this was done in exhausting work processes using double meter, measuring tape, pencil and paper. These data were frequently inaccurate, because depending on the enviroment, the points, heights and lenght were only insufficient or not at all measurable. In our time there are powerful tools which can provide accurate measurements even in difficult circumstances. The 3D Laserscanner records his enviroment in minutes. Through relocation of the Scanner you can record a complete building from the facades to the rooms in a simple manner and with very high accuracy. The data, so called point clouds, will be uploaded in a special program where they can be edited and where the needed views, floor plans and cuts are digitalised.


Example building refurbishment